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La SilenciosaCat is a non-profit civil forum that appears after almost forty years of a society numbed by the inaction of central and autonomous governments. September 2017 marked a before and after in Spanish society. A historical moment in which the citizens said that Spain is not auctioned, and that it will be studied by future generations. La SilenciosaCat is the voice of thousands of citizens who have tired of waiting, who have decided to be an active part of an already unstoppable movement. In our platform there are no institutions, associations, or financial resources that compromise our freedom of expression or generate interests. La SilenciosaCat only has one objective: to reverse the silence through the truth, truth that we will reach everyone who wants to listen to it (and whoever does not want to put it at their disposal). In La SilenciosaCat there are no proper names, only broken voices that, harmonized, will create the melody that Spain needs and with which, together, we will build the foundations of a great country, which some of interested way tried to destroy.


The team of LaSilenciosaCat is formed by a network of first-class citizens, willing to contribute their grain of sand in redirecting the path that should never have been abandoned.

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It does not matter which is the social network in which you usually open your window to the world. LaSilenciosaCat will come to you, to inform you and have you informed of everything.


Raising your voice after 40 years of involuntary silence makes it very difficult to make public complaints that you would consider of social justice. Relieve your conscience.

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